Senior friends fishing by the lake

Benefits Of Fishing As A Sport

What Is Sport Fishing? Sport fishing entails angling for recreational or competitive purposes. In other words, you do it for fun rather than for food...

How To Find The Perfect Fishing Spot

What Makes Good Fishing Spots So Sought After? The more fish you catch, the more enjoyable your experience is going to be. As much fun...

Why Having A Fishing Map is Mandatory

What is a Fishing Map? Many people have heard the term 'fishing map' in passing, but for beginners, it isn't lucidly clear what it refers...
Redtail catfish (Phractocephalus hemioliopterus). Freshwater fish.

Catfish Fishing Guide

Catfish Species Identification Introduction There are nearly 3,000 species of catfish distributed across the globe, all ranging vastly in size and look and belonging to numerous...

Introduction To Lake Trout Fishing

A Quick Trout Intro There are a wide variety of trout in North America and around the world. They are a freshwater and saltwater species...
Rear view of family of two sitting on pier and fishing together

Pier Fishing Guide

What is Pier Fishing There are a huge number of different ways that you can go about fishing, but for a lot of people there...

Surf Fishing Basic Guide

What Is Surf Fishing? Surf fishing generally comes down to one basic principle: to be able to fish in marine conditions and get a chance...

How To Fish For Sharks – Ultimate Guide

Shark Species Identification Introduction The most infamous predator of the sea, sharks are also a popular quarry for anglers. Not all species of sharks are great...
fisher fishing on foggy sunrise

Lake Fishing FAQ

When's the best time to fish for walleye? Close to night time as walleye are nocturnal. As the sun goes down walleye will come up...

Fly Fishing – FAQ from Beginners

I'm new to fly fishing and want to buy a rod and reel. What important things should I keep in mind? Fly rods are rated...