The 9 Best Travel Fishing Rods for 2021

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People who enjoy fishing will take leisure in indulging in it while traveling as well. Such buyers don’t underestimate the usefulness of the best travel fishing rod that is functional enough to help you catch fishes effortlessly and effectively.  

Since this is a transportable product, you definitely have to focus on its weight. It should be manageable enough. However, the strength shouldn’t be compromised either.  

Likewise, there are other factors related to the rod power, length of rod, and line capacity that deserve keen attention while selecting a right product.

This review will help you identify the product that checks all these measures.

Review of the 9 Best Travel Fishing Rods

1. Ugly Stik USSP702M – Best Overall Travel Fishing Rod

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From Ugly Stik, this is the best overall 2-piece rod constructed with composite material of fiberglass and graphite. It comes with durability, strength, and great performance.

The clear tip helps in increasing the sensitivity and strength of the rod while the stainless-steel guides also advances the usability. However, the guides will need great maintenance to ensure prolonged working.

The length of 7-feet is also highly effective to allow you to hunt the medium-sized fishes without any major concern.

The lightweight of 0.05-pounds makes it one of the best hiking fishing rods on the list since you won’t have to struggle bearing the heft of the product. The handles are smooth and give comfortable grip.

Another thing that you will surely appreciate is the 7-year warranty on this product. Its just that you might have to maintain it a little extra to keep it in well working condition.


  • Composite material construction of a 2-piece rod
  • Comfortable handle
  • Suitable for hunting medium sized fishes
  • Very lightweight


  • Might need some extra maintenance

2. Plusinno Telescopic Travel Fishing Rod – Best Budget Travel Fishing Rod

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For the people on strict budget, this is the most affordable product on the list. It comes in versatile sizes of 5.91, 6.89, 7.87, and 8.86-feet. So, you have enough choice to select the length according to your requirement.

The construction is ensured with composition of carbon fiber and fiberglass material that offer perfect elasticity to the rod and not compromise on the strength and durability as well.

Also, the aluminum guides calls for low maintenance. Plus, there is a stainless-steel hooded reel seat with anti-seawater corrosion feature.

The EVA grip handle is extremely comfortable that offer superior touch feeling for the telescopic fishing rod. It is an amazing product for an enriching fishing experience except that there is no warranty with it.

More Detailed: Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod Review


  • Available on the most affordable price
  • Low maintenance
  • High elasticity
  • Anti-seawater corrosion


  • No warranty

3. Daiwa Ardito-TR – Best Freshwater Travel Fishing Rod

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The Daiwa Ardito-TR is the best freshwater travel fishing rod as its weight of 1.1-pounds is highly balanced for the task. You should know that lightweight rods are best suitable for freshwater fishing and this one qualifies for it.

Furthermore, the 7-feet length is also suitable to cast to great lengths. Something that you will deeply appreciate is the V-Flex ferrule joint system that despite of it being a 3-piece rod, it gives the firmness and strength of a single-piece rod.

The durable construction is ensured with high volume fiber graphite material. You can carry it anywhere with you in the rugged travel tube hold.

While this product has got many things right, its high cost is definitely one of the setbacks.


  • Extremely suitable for freshwater fishing
  • Helps in casting to large distances
  • Firm and have high strength
  • Very durable construction


  • Expensive

4. Fiblink Portable Saltwater – Best Saltwater Travel Fishing Rod

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Every feature of this product makes it a suitable candidate for saltwater fishing. To begin with, the construction is done with highly durable and saltwater-corrosion.

Other components like ceramic heavy-frame foot guide or aluminum butt cap are also equally contributing in keeping this product suitable for saltwater usage.

Other things that might entice you are the availability of the rod in two sizes of 6-feet and 7-feet. The carbon fiber and fiberglass construction helps in increasing the performance and durability of the product.

To make holding the rod convenient, it has got EVA foam handle. Furthermore, you can carry it with utmost ease in a durable rod case.

There is also a year-long warranty with this product. However, the only downside is that the rod is a bit too flexible and you might miss the firmness.


  • Highly suitable for saltwater usage
  • Comes with a year-long warranty
  • Available in two sizes
  • Comfortable EVA foam handle


  • Not as firm

5. Okuma VS-605-20 – Best Travel Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

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So, this is the best travel fishing rod and reel combo you can find on the market that comes with a 6-feet 5-piece rod and 20-size spinning reel to help you fish better while traveling.

One of the most amazing things about this set is its ease of use. Also, you will not have to worry a lot about the maintenance as it comes with an aluminum spool.

As far as managing the rod is concerned, it will be pretty simple as well due to its low weight of 1.55-pounds. There you go, no problem with traveling or fishing.

The carrying is made simple for another reason as well which is its extra comfy padded travel and storage bag. The enclosed bag will make sure no dirt or debris enters inside of it. Also, considering the components of this product, it is pretty reasonable also.

What you may not like in this product is that unlike other products like the Fiblink Portable Saltwater Travel Fishing Rod, there is no versatility in sizes.


  • Comes in a combo of rod and reel
  • Suitably priced
  • Low in maintenance
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly


  • No versatility in sizes

6. Fenwick HMG – Best Travel Spinning Rod

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From Fenwich, this is the best travel spinning rod that one can use to catch medium-sized fishes as it accommodates light to medium baits and lures.

The 7-feet long rod is constructed with carbon bound blanks for exceptional strength and sensitivity. Also, the durability is enhanced through the Fuji guides.

This is a 4-piece design, making it convenient for transporting purpose. The cork handle will make the holding of product extremely comfortable and seamless.

This is a great product but very expensive. Also, there is no warranty with it to secure your purchase.


  • Suitable for medium to light baits and lures
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to transport
  • Very comfortable in holding


  • No warranty
  • Very expensive

7. Okuma NT-S-703M-MH – Best Travel Fishing Rod from Okuma

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Okuma is one of the best brands to manufacture high-quality fishing gears. It’s a Japanese company and focuses most on the strength and performance of the product.

This model is the best travel fishing rod from Okuma and comes with high brand value. The rod comes with 3-section break down helps in easy carrying of the product. When combined, it goes up to the length of 7-feet to help you cast larger distances.

It comes with premium components and the construction is done with very promising materials, making it one of the most durable rods on the market.

Then there is European spigot Ferrule connections for true one-piece rod feel. Also, to keep your hands comfortable while fishing, you get disintegrated foam filled handle. The only thing that will disappoint you is the lack of a travel case with this product.


  • High brand value
  • Helps in casting to larger distance
  • Durable product


  • Does not come with a travel case

8. St. Croix Triumph – Travel Fishing Rod with 5-year Warranty

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The highlight of this product is that it comes with 5-year warranty which makes it one of the safest purchases on the list.

With the total length of 5-feet 6-inches and light rod power, this product is suitable for catching smaller fishes.

The construction is ensured with graphite fiber which is definitely great in performance. However, it is a bit prone to breakage and should be maintained carefully.

You also get a premium grade cork handle to make holding of the rod very convenient and comfortable.

Other features include Fuji DPS reel seat with frosted silver hood, aluminum-oxide low maintenance guides and two flex-coat slow cure finish on the rod to prevent debris accumulation. Also, you get a travel case with this product for easy carry.

Now, something you might not like is the high price of the product and its susceptibility to break if not handled carefully. 


  • Comes with 5-year warranty
  • High in performance
  • Low maintenance guides
  • Comes with a travel case


  • Expensive
  • Susceptible to break

9. Fiblink 4-Pieces Travel Fishing Rod – Versatile Travel Fishing Rod

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So, this one is a versatile product that comes with different rod powers such as the 6-feet 6-inches rod comes with medium power, the 7-inches rod comes with medium/heavy power while the 7-feet 6-inches one has heavy power.

The 4-piece design makes it easy to travel. The construction of rod is done with carbon fiber material while there are stainless steel frames and ceramic inserts to increase the overall durability of the product.

Furthermore, there are corrosion-resistant hoods and a non-slip high-density handle to increase the comfort and efficiency. This product is also priced rightly. However, it does lack in warranty.


  • Available in large variety
  • Very durable
  • Non-slip handle


  • No warranty

How to Buy the Best Travel Fishing Rods

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Here are some important tips to help you purchase the best backpacking fishing rod. Let’s explore:

1. Length

The length of most rods varies between 6 to 7 feet. While picking the product, make sure to keep a few things in mind. First thing is the casting distance and the second is the kind of bait you will target.

Keep in mind the casting distance of a travel fishing rod is directly related to the casting distance. This means, if the length of the rod is small, its casting distance will be low as well.

If you are planning to use a medium to short-sized lures to catch bass then investing in a small length fishing rod will be a suitable idea. However, for heavier lures, you should consider larger rods.

For example, in our recommendation list, we have the Plusinno Telescopic travel fishing rod with highest length of 8.86 feet and medium rod power. This product is quite effective in targeting heavy fishes.

The last thing that will impact the length of a travel fishing rod is the place where you are planning to cast. Example wise, if you are fishing from a dock then select a small sized rod while fishing from high-altitude places will require longer rods.

2. Materials

In travel fishing rods, you can find a variety of materials.


If you are a beginner then prefer choosing fiberglass material as it is very low in maintenance. These are also very robust in nature and do not break soon. And lastly, these are available on the most economical prices.


Graphite is another very popular material. However, it is extremely sensitive and you might find fishes chewing on it. But on the plus side, these rods help in accelerating the fishing action. But the downside is that these are prone to breakage soon and easily.


These days, you can find a lot of amazing products in composite material, a concoction of fiberglass and graphite material which overcomes the drawbacks of graphite material.

These are very sensitive and help in catching the fishes readily. At the same time, the material is pretty flexible and durable as well.

One of the best recommendations in composite material is the Ugly Stik USSP702M travel fishing rod.


The first material that we would like to introduce is bamboo. It is the most powerful material among all others. The reason why experienced fisherman like this material is the smoothness of back-cast and the lightweight. The material is quite fitting to hold-up delicate and lightweight baits.

Buying Advice

To be honest, the best material that you can find online is the composite material as it brings the goodness of fiberglass and graphite, minus the drawbacks.

3. Rod Power

If you have been following this travel fishing rod review from the beginning, you must have seen the rod power mentioned with each product.

It varies from light to medium and high strength. Basically, this is the bending resistance of a rod while holding up a certain amount of weight.

So, the light rod power rods are suitable for lures in 1/16-ounce range. These have softer feel and comes with hook sets for light biting species. You can use these rods for fishes like trout, walleye, and panfish.

Then there is medium rod power which accommodates a variety of lures from 1/4 to 3/4-ounces. These can be used for throwing spinnerbaits in freshwater and popping corks in the saltwater. The medium-stiffness rods come with rigid hook sets and great for seasoned anglers.

The rods with heavy power are among the stiffest rods, suitable for handling lures from 3/8 to 1-ounce. They are effectively used with football jigs and for structure fishing.

The Fiblink Portable Saltwater travel fishing rod comes with heavy rod power and very suitable for catching big fishes.  

4. Weight

The next big thing to consider while making a suitable purchase is the weight of the rod. We don’t just highlight this factor for transportability in context but there are other things impacted by the weight of a fishing rod.

The lighter rods are considered to be suitable for freshwater fishing. However, the rods that have some bulk in weight are fitting for saltwater fishing.

Since most of the travel fishing rods are lightweight, they are suitable to be used in freshwater. You cannot use these to catch big fishes like salmon and shark.

5. Portability

Well, this is a travelable product, it is important for these rods to be portable. You need to figure out the best packable fishing rod based on its overall weight.

How to Maintain your Travel Fishing Rod while you are on the Rod?

Every fishing rod needs general maintenance but the important thing is that your rod doesn’t give you tough time in the maintenance process.

You need to be very particular about the maintenance to increase the life of product. While traveling, you should take out a few minutes for maintenance and it will be sufficient.

The best way is to keep inspecting the rod and keep it as clean as possible. Also, the rod blank should be inspected carefully.

As you wipe it down, check the guides for debris, nicks or any other potential damage. The next thing you will want to keep under consideration is the threads and connecting points on the fishing rod.

Other than the rod itself, you also need to focus on its case. While planning for a travel, always check the case if there is any debris. Clean it and then place your rod inside.

In nutshell, the mantra of a well-maintained travel fishing rod is to keep it as clean as possible and inspect it thoroughly every now and then.


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We have given you all kind of information in finding the best portable travel fishing rod. The best overall product in our list is the Ugly Stik USP702M travel fishing rod as it comes in appropriate size and light weight to help you fish better.

If you want to go with an affordable product then buy the Plusinno Telescopic travel fishing rod as it has the most amazing features on a minimal price.

Other than that, there are all kinds of recommendations on our list. Read carefully and make your selection. Happy Shopping!


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