Fending off a Grizzly Bear Attack

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Attempting to fight off grizzlies with bare hands is never advised as they are territorial and will kill an attacker if threatened. The best defense against bear attack is avoiding them altogether.

If you encounter one, remain calm and slowly back away while remaining on the lookout for other bears in its vicinity. If it displays any aggression, stand your ground and shout at it or bang pots together loudly until it leaves; do not run since this could trigger chase instinct in the creature that may then feel threatened by you (running), resulting in violence from both parties involved. Do not climb trees unless there’s no other way out of harm’s way; climbing up high triggers an instinct in the animal that it is being chased and will chase after you.

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If cornered by a grizzly bear, remain still until it leaves if possible; this gives the creature an opportunity to realize its mistake as opposed to feeling threatened by your presence (especially if you are standing up) or sees potential prey in front of them. If attacked while on foot, aim for its neck with your knife since bears have thick skin which makes aiming at other parts difficult – but try not to stab too deep lest you only anger the predator even more. When shot from afar with hunting rifles like a bowhunter using arrows or a rifle shooter who has access to guns loaded with heavy caliber rounds, aim for the bear’s heart or head.

-If you find yourself in a situation where your survival is threatened by more than one grizzly bear, attempt to climb up trees or on top of rocks. If that’s not possible, remain still and avoid making any sudden movements like running around screaming for help; this will only trigger the animal’s chase instinct and it may feel threatened from potential prey attacking them. Stand your ground instead but be sure to keep an eye out for other bears nearby.

By Scott E Read/shutterstock

To summarize: The best defense against bear attack is avoiding them altogether! If cornered by one while outdoorsmen/women during hunting season however, aim for its neck with knife or head when shooting at it from afar.


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