Top 10 Tips For Successful Summer Bass Fishing

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1 – The lure must be bigger than usual

Big bass often lay in heavy cover during the summer months. Bait for fishing heavy cover needs to be big enough to get through and get the lunkers attention. The 10 1/2-inch Paddle Tail Worm by Attack Pack is perfect for summer weed beds. Texas-Rigged with a 1-ounce sinker and 5/0 EWG hook and your set. Pitch it into openings in the weeds, or throw it into lay-downs for some fun. The 10 1/2-inch Paddle Tail Worm is injected with Juiced up x 10 and makes a great soft plastic. Many times bass hit it before it reached the bottom. The 10 1/2-inch Worm is a big bait for big fish so use heavy gear, a heavy worm rod with 20 lb test is best. You’ll need it for the hook set.  

2 – Use Buzz-bait

In summer you need to cover water quickly and locate bass. A good way to trigger strikes, is a buzz-bait. They are easy to fish. With a long cast, hold your rod tip at a two o’clock position and reel fast enough to get the blade out of the water and get the sound going. Kill the lure and quickly spin it back to the surface. The squeak and clank buzz results in a reaction strike. But try not to set the hook until you feel the weight of the bass. Buzz-baits are great summer search baits that land big large mouth bass.

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3 – Jigging with pork

It is hard to beat the jig n pig for summer bass. A jig with a pork frog is a classic, but soft plastic crawfish are also great trailers for jigs. The claws stand up when the jig is on the bottom simulating a crawfish in a defensive stance just before a bass strikes. Pick a smaller size jig and trailer for crawfish and try to match the color of the jig and trailer together and match the color of the local forage in your lake as closely as you can.  

4 – Correct usage of crank-bait

Most lip-less crank-baits like XCalibur’s Xr25 can be retrieved at any depth due to the fact that they sink. Work these baits with a lift and a pause or rip and let fall retrieve that causes the crank-bait to imitate a struggling bait fish. Most strike happen when the bait is falling or when ripping a lip-less crank-bait from grass and weeds. They are great summer baits.  

5 – Use plastic lures for deep water

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In deep water of summer, big artificial worms are great baits. Lizards and creatures on a Carolina Rig also work great in summer depths. Most soft plastic baits that you can get down deep are good to use. You will also need a good deep water spinning reel for bass in order to be 100% sure you are doing it with the right equipment. Lastly be patient and allow the lures to sink in the water, and with a slow retrieve bring it back to you.

6 – Target open areas

There is no other summer presentation as exciting as fishing a top water frog in heavy cover. Cast one onto the lilly pad and let it sit for fifteen to twenty seconds and hold on If a strike doesn’t happen, try twitching the frog to imitate a frog hopping, and expect an explosion. Target open areas in the mats and repeat the twitch and pause cadence until you get into the Lunker Club.  

7 – Use your spinner baits like you mean it

Bass fishing with spinner baits in summer can be hit or miss, but cast one to the bank and slowly retrieve it to the boat, and you have a good chance of catching a Largemouth bass. Fish spinner baits, like this Bionic Custom, along grass lines, channel drop offs early and late in the day and be ready to set the hook!  

8 – Crawfish is always better

Summer smallmouth fishing with tube baits can be a lot of fun when the bass are holding on deep current breaks. Here is the tip, try to match the color of local crawfish for better results. If the water is stained use a darker color tube than the color of the water.  

9 – Increase the size of the bait

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Drop-shooting fools wary bass so well it has become a summer fishing go to for anglers. Fishing on deep points can be deadly. Tie a drop shot hook onto about 8 lb test line with a Palomar knot with a 15- to 18-inch piece of line on the end. At the end of the line, attach a lightweight sinker about a 3/16- or 1/8-ounce size. If you increase line size, increase sinker size to hold the more buoyant line in place.  

10 – Always use quality materials in your craft

The classic Johnson Silver Minnow is one of the most versatile lures ever produced, This legendary spoon has been a constant seller for almost 80 years. It cast great, almost completely weedless and it resists line twist. The silver minnow can be trolled or jigged, or just twitched on the bottom, catching everything that swims. The silver minnow’s patented 35 degree wobble that allows the spoon rock back and forth giving an action that is irresistible to fish. Adding a grub increases the action even more. If you have never fished one of these your missing out on some fun. The rod must be of great quality either you buy it ready made or just make it yourself. Use the best quality materials you can get your hands on and you will be happy for the long run

Happy Fishing!


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