Fishing Trips In America – FAQ

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Where is a good place to go in Florida for both kids and fishing?

It is recommend you rent a house close to the beach that gives you not only a home to relax from, but access to easy fishing as well. Southwest Florida, Port Charlotte for example, is recommended. The water system here inclusive of Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Coast is second to none. You have Boca Grande Beach, Venice beach with shark teeth, Englewood Beach, and lots of guides to take you fishing. You can also fish from the beach but you may want to rent a boat or a kayak out for the week.

Where are some prime places to fish within 1-2 hour’s drive of Toronto?

Sparrow Lake, north of Orillia, has lots of nice smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, muskie, pike and walleye. Lake Scugog is another big-time producer, though very weedy. Perhaps best of all is Lake Simcoe, primarily the Cooks Bay region. Big water, but big fish as well. If you do not have a boat, all these lakes offer boat rentals and even some quaint, affordable places to stay as well. 

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Where is the best to fish in the Bahamas and what species should I target?

Without question bonefish is the key species on the flats of any island in the Bahamas. The best island close to the capital city of Nassau is Andros, only a 10 minute flight form the Nassau airport. Andros has plenty of guides and charters and affordable places to stay in your pursuit of bonefish.

I’m thinking of taking a trip to B.C. for some inland fishing. What species are out there and what gear should I bring with or purchase?

B.C. contains many rivers and lakes filled with a variety of species, some of the more popular ones being rainbow trout, sturgeon, lake trout, bull trout, dolly varden, and kokanee.  Medium action spinning gear is ideal, though the Kelowna region, for example, is a prime destination for fly fishing as well. Be sure to check in at local tackle stores for help with finding hotspots and lure advice. 

Where is the best place for muskie fishing in the U.S.?

One of the best muskie lakes in all of the U.S. is Lake St. Clair in Michigan. Anglers have caught muskies over 40 pounds, with 30 pound specimens a not too uncommon feat. Catching several monsters in one trip is a real possibility here.   

Where are some good vacation spots to catch big marlin or sailfish?

Two of the best locations for offshore marlin and swordfish lie in Mexico: Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Maya. There are many nice resorts to stay at and even more charters and guides to help you out. 

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Where are the best places to go for bonefish?

Fishing the flats for bonefish is one of the more popular forms of fishing out there. The Florida Keys have some of the biggest bonefish, though it can be difficult to catch more than a few per fay. Belize, Mexico, and the Bahamas each boast some of the best bonefish fisheries in the world.  

When’s the best time of year to go for striped bass in North and South Carolina?

The fall generally produces some of the best striped bass fishing around.

What are the rules for bringing tackle and gear across the U.S.-Canada border?

Any personal items crossing the border as recreational items is fine while driving. When flying, rods and reels can go on the plane as carry-on (such as 2 and 3 pc rods). However, no hooks of any kind can board the plane with you. Be prepared to buy tackle when you arrive at your destination and always read the local fishing regulations to be safe.

What are some good rivers for salmon in Ontario?

There are many good producing salmon rivers in Ontario, most of which are drive-to destinations. Good salmon producing rivers include: the Ganaraska, Wilmot, Bowmanville, and Oshawa Creeks. The salmon run a short stretch from Lake Ontario and start their fall run as early as the 3rd week of August. This, of course, is all dependent on the rains and water temperatures.

When’s the best time of year to go out for tarpon in the Key West area?

Tarpon start showing up in April but the better months would be June and July for consistent catches. However, moon phases (if you are a night fishing aficionado), tides, and cold fronts affect how tarpons bite, so be sure to pay attention to the changing weather systems.

Where are some great places to fish in Cuba?

Three great fishing locations are Cayo Coco, Varadero, and Zapata Peninsula. The flats of Cayo Coco offer excellent bonefish, one of Cuba’s most abundant fish, but snapper, permit, tarpon, shark and many other species of fish are also catchable. In Varedro there’s dorado and barracuda, and the occasional striped marlin. Like Cayo Coco, Zapata Peninsula is best known for its bonefish. Given how bust Varadero and Cayo coco can get, fishing charters are recommended. 

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What kind of rigging and tackle should I be using when fishing in Cuba?

The fish in Cuba haven’t seen many artificial lures, so casting plugs, topwater, sub surface lures, soft plastics, twitch baits, grubs and twisters will all produce. Hair jigs in the 3/8 oz to 3/4 oz work well with a quick retrieve and a stop and go technique. Smaller and steady jigs for bonefish. You’ll also need some hooks and weights for bottom fishing and tidal movement using shrimp, squid and other baits to attract more fish. It is recommended you have a medium heavy spinning rod loaded with 30 to 40 lb fishing line. You will need florocarbon leader material (10-50 lb spools, depending on the fish species you’re targeting) 


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