10 Best Monofilament Fishing Lines for 2021

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Monofilament still remains a classic selection when it comes to the fishing lines. A best monofilament fishing line has superior strength, better abrasion resistance, high sink rate, and less stretch to give you the finest fishing experience.

When you commence the research, there are features like diameter, test LB, stretch, sink rate, and memory of a line to put under consideration.

So, this review will help you find a suitable product based on your needs. We rank the products according to their key features and strengths.

Review of the 10 Best Monofilament Fishing Lines

1. KastKing DuraBlend – Best Overall Monofilament Fishing Line

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The DuraBlend is the best overall product and also the strongest monofilament fishing line on our list as it comes in high strength of 200-pounds and minimum of 20-pounds.

The spool with 1.4-millimeter diameter of line gives you maximum strength of catching the toughest and most aggressive fishes.

The construction is done with very high-quality material that is completely shock-resistant and have anti-wear properties. Also, it is in clear color so the fishes will never know about the line in the water and fell in the trap easily.

Another great reason to pick this product is the no line memory which allow it to sink immediately and have zero stretch. Other qualities will include it being abrasion-resistant, high knot strength and affordability of price. The only drawback is its small length of 110 meter.


  • High strength and durable line
  • Available on a suitable price
  • Will sink immediately
  • Comes with zero stretch


  • The length is small

2. KastKing MONO-YE-500-4-P – Affordable Monofilament Fishing Line

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This product is for all those people who don’t wish to spend a lot of money on a monofilament line. It is one of the most affordable products on the list.

Coming to the technical features, the line comes in a diameter ranging from 0.2 – 0.5-millimeter. The line is thin enough to handle shock effectively and not come in clear vision.

Also, the length of 275 – 550-meters is suitable for deep-water fishing. Another greatest feature of this product is its abrasion-resistance. This way, even if the line is hitting some hard rocks inside the water, it will not break too soon.

The soft and supple texture makes tying the knot easy. Plus, this line gives easy long casting as well. Interestingly, you get various colors in these lines to make favourable selection.

Talking about the downside, the lines has less strength as the maximum test LB is only 30-pounds.


  • Available on an affordable price
  • Comes with long casting
  • Great length
  • Shock-resistant


  • Could have been better with strength

3. Berkley Trilene Big Game – Thinnest Monofilament Fishing Line

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If you are up on finding the thinnest monofilament fishing line then there is no better option than Berkley Big Game. The line comes in diameter of 0.012 to 0.028-millimeter.

You get a huge selection of colors and there is a clear line also if you need it to not catch the eye of fishes during fishing.

It gives you amazing strength for better control and more confidence. Not to forget the knot which is outstanding. You get shock-resistant design for controlled stretch.

Now coming to its capability of handling abuse. Well, this line is highly abrasion-resistant and will be able to bear the abuse of sharp objects and rocks in the water. Also, proving its versatility, it is suitable to be used in saltwater as well as freshwater.

As far as the downside is concerned, the cost of its models in highest strength is pretty expensive.


  • Available in thinnest diameter
  • Capable of handling abuse
  • Extremely high strength
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater


  • Its highest model is pretty expensive

4. Hi-Seas GSM-Q-20GR-P – Monofilament Fishing Line in Maximum Length

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This monofilament is huge in size and comes in maximum length of 4850-meters with the minimum length of 190-meters. This gives you much versatility to select the length of your choice.

Another big strength of this product is that it has great tendency of abrasion-resistance. Plus, if you usually worry about casting of a monofilament then rest assured as this line ensure smooth casting.

The sensitivity and control are also remarkable. The maximum strength of 50-pounds will help in aiming for a medium-sized fish.

It is equally suitable for saltwater as well as freshwater. Plus, you get amazing color choice in this model.

While this is a suitable product, there are some flaws that cannot be neglected. This product is a bit on expensive side. Plus, it has high memory which makes the sinking difficult.


  • Comes in a large length
  • Great strength and abrasion-resistance
  • Suitable for aiming medium-sized fishes
  • Suitable for saltwater and freshwater


  • High memory makes it difficult for sinking
  • Price is on the higher side

5. SpiderWire Ultracast Ultimate – Best 8-lb Monofilament Fishing Line

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People with highly specific needs of an 8-pounds mono line will surely appreciate this product. It is a standard line for topwater fishes. The line is sensitive and smooth.

It is for hobby fish catchers that don’t want anything extraordinary from the monofilament line. Crafted with copolymer, the line is 33% stronger than an average mono.

It can also be considered as one of the best monofilament fishing lines for bait caster because this product is optimized for bait caster reels.

The low stretch rate gives sensitivity and power to the user. Furthermore, you also get excellent knot strength and shock-resistance. Certainly, this product has a lot of amazing features to offer but the length of 300-meters is small.


  • Extremely sensitive and smooth 8-pound line
  • Comes with low stretch rate
  • Excellent shock resistance
  • Created with copolymer


  • Available in small length

6. Stren High-Impact – Standard Monofilament Fishing Line

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The Stren High-Impact is one of the most standard monofilament lines with basic features. It is quite durable product, meant to be used in saltwater specifically. Also, the maximum length of 1165-meters of the line is suitable enough to serve deep inside the water.

As far as the diameter is concerned, this product is only 0.3-millimeter in it, making is a thin line to catch fish without much stretch. Also, it is excellent in handling shocks.

The line is good with coastal and off-shore fishing. You can find it available in 4 different color options. Also, it is a suitably-priced product on the market. It is certainly one of the best-rated monofilament fishing lines on the market with the greatest features and customer’s appreciation.

The downside will be it’s 30-pounds maximum strength which is not very suitable for large and aggressive gamefish.


  • Durable and large in size
  • Suitably priced
  • Shock-resistant
  • Available in different colors


  • Limited strength to hold large fishes

7. Stren 1337111-P – Monofilament Fishing Line for Catfish

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So, this is a dedicated line for young catfish or all other similar species in fishes with weight on the lower side.

So, this product is available in two colors, clear and orange. It is also one of the basic products but the line’s abrasion-resistance is remarkable. You will not have to worry even if the line is rubbing against harsh objects in the water.

Another big advantage of this product is that it glows during the daytime. Some might think that it will scare away the lure but actually it does the opposite. It catches their interest.

One thing that we didn’t like in this product is the small length. Also, the line has high memory which will cause trouble in sinking.


  • Especially meant to catch catfish
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Glows during daytime


  • High memory might cause sinking problem
  • Comes in a small length

8. Berkley Smooth Casting – Versatile Monofilament Fishing Line

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The versatility of this product is proved with its tendency to be used for a variety of baits and techniques. The length of this line is 2743-meters which is genuinely suitable for a variety of tasks.

The line is sensitive to feel and has twists and kinks-resistance. Moreover, you can also expect smooth casting of the line.

The downside is that it can only take weight of an 8-pound fish to its maximum. Plus, if you are seeking for a clear monoline then this is not a product for you.


  • Can be used for variety of purposes
  • Large in length
  • Twist-resistant
  • Smooth in casting


  • Does not have much pound capacity
  • Not available in clear color

9. SeaKnight Monster Blade – 100% Nylon Monofilament Fishing Line

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This is among the most durable monofilament lines as it is constructed with 100% nylon material with Japanese technology. The line is completely abrasion-resistant and can bear the abuse of sharp objects.

The low ductility helps in resisting unnecessary vibration in the water and scaring away the fishes. Moreover, this feature makes sure that the line resist fishing reefs and debris as well.

The casting of the line is smooth and long due to its thin diameter of 0.1 – 0.5-millimeter. It is also an affordably-priced product and there are a variety of colors to select. The downside will be its low weight holding tendency which is only 35-pounds to the maximum.


  • Made of 100% nylon material
  • Available in various colors
  • Affordable
  • Thin profile for less vibrations


  • Weight capacity is poor

10. FishingSir MonoPro – Highly-Tensile Monofilament Fishing Line

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So, this one is a highly-tensile product that can work with great strength under tension. The monoline comes with 30% more abrasion-resistance than any other.

It has got great fishing features like combination of manageability, knot tying strength, superior-strength etc. It is easy to cast and available in clear color. Also, the line is suitable for saltwater and freshwater usage.

You will find it to be highly shock-resistance. The downside will be its low-sinking tendency which does not make it a good purchase for deep-water fishing.


  • Highly-tensile product
  • Great strength
  • Comes with combination of manageability


  • Low sinking

How to Buy the Best Monofilament Fishing Line

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Let’s discuss some of the essential features of monofilament line to help you evaluate the best product of all.

1. Line Strength

The meaning of strength with monofilament lines depends on a variety of factors. Ideally, it is the line’s tendency to hold a certain amount of weight will declare its strength. In other words, the amount of weight it can handle before it snaps.

If you have noticed the table above, there is a specification used “Test LB”. You can determine the strength of a particular line from there as well.

It is measured in pounds and as the line’s tendency to hold more weight increases, its strength also increases. For example, the Berkley Trilene Big Game monofilament fishing line has the tendency to hold up to 800-pounds of weight. It is surely one of the strongest lines on the market.

Then the other key factor to consider in this aspect is that while catching a heavy fish, it is important that you buy a monofilament line with high shock resistance because in the alternative case, it line will snap easily if fish made some rescue attempt.

On the other hand, if you are simply planning to catch the controllable and easy targets then a line with less shock resistance will also do.

Now, the last thing is that not all lines are suitable to be used in all kinds of waters so make sure to get a dedicated product for optimal usage.

 The KastKing Mono-YE-500-4-P monofilament fishing line is one of the best monofilament fishing lines for saltwater as the abrasion-resistant line has low limpness and good retrieval.

2. Diameter

The width of a monofilament fishing line is known as its diameter. It is measured in millimeter or inches. The smaller fishing line diameter is considered to be better than a large diameter. However, one of the biggest pitfalls of small diameter is that knots cannot be prevented.

The smaller diameter will mean that the line will have lower stretch, less visibility, will be able to sink faster, and be better at luring action.

 The SeaKnight Monster Blade monofilament fishing line comes in a variety of diameters with the smallest starting diameter of 0.1-millimeter. It is a suitable product for those who are searching for the thinnest monofilament.   

3. Stretch

It is important to find a lowest stretch monofilament fishing line because such lines will cause less vibration in the water when fishes strike.

It is a common misconception among the buyers that lines with high stretch are better in flexibility and will bend without breaking. However, too much stretch can also be bad for the overall fishing experience as the line will lose sensitivity between the rod tip and the lure.

While selecting the right stretch, you should focus on the kind of fishing you plan to do. Mostly, people drop the bait in the water and wait for the bite. In this case, a line with high sensitivity is required. This means that you need a line with low stretch.

On the alternative case, if you are aiming for the top water fishes then a high stretch line will also work. It will handle the strike’s shock effectively.

Every fishing method needs a different line. You should pick a line that give better balance of rigidness and stretch.

4. Memory

The line’s memory is another crucial feature to focus because it will deeply impact your fishing experience. If we put it simply, a line with low memory is better than the one with high memory.

It is very difficult to cast a high memory line as it is likely to tangle on the reel. Also, when you have to sink the like to lure the fishes, you expect it to sink inside the water without any problems instead of floating.

The high memory lines are not able to stay inside the water. They are prone to float and twist. Therefore, you are recommended to pick a monofilament line with low memory.

5. Color

The ideal monofilament line is the one that is almost invisible. You can find a variety of lines that are available in clear color to ensure a variety of usage.

However, when you are fishing in clearwater, a high-visibility line helps the fisherman to check for the fishes inside the water.

There are also some lines that comes with glow feature i.e. the line glows in the daylight. Although these are clear lines but with glow feature, the fisher can see the target inside the water. One of the best recommendations of such lines is the Stren Catfish monofilament fishing line.

6. Abrasion-Resistant

Abrasion is caused on the line when it is rubbed against the rocks and other rigid objects inside the water. It is very important to look for a line that is highly abrasion resistant because fishes can be very damaging sometimes.

If you are casting a monoline for an aggressive fish then make sure to pick a highly abrasion-resistant monofilament line.


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As we end the monofilament fishing line review, we will give you our top recommendations. With the KastKing DuraBlend monofilament fishing line, you just cannot go wrong because of its properties of high-strength, no line memory, abrasion and shock-resistance. This is one of the best monofilament fishing lines on the market.

The KastKing MONO-YE-500-4-P monofilament fishing line will be your best bet if you desire an affordable product for hobby fishing.

All recommendations made above excel in something or the else. You just have to be watchful about their strengths and key qualities and make a purchase. Happy Shopping!


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