The 10 Best Ice Fishing Boots of 2021

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The name says it all. Ice fishing boots are a must-have when fishing on ice because they keep your feet comfortably warm and dry as you look for some catch during the cold season. Ideally, they should be waterproof and have a long shaft that covers most of your leg.

That said, there are many different styles and varieties of these boots, which might make the selection process a bit difficult. However, the article below gives an in-depth review of 10 of the best ice fishing boots that are worth buying. Let’s get started.

Review of the 10 Best Ice Fishing Boots

1. Baffin Men’s Snow Monster-M – Best Overall Ice Fishing Boots

Baffin Men's Snow Monster-M, Black, 7 D US

  • Material: Leather, Textile, Synthetic
  • Temperature Rating: Up to -94°F
  • Heel Height: 1.5”
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    Taking the top spot is Baffin’s Snow Monster-M and this is due to its extremely low-temperature rating of up to -94°F. This ensures that your feet remain comfortably warm during the harshest weather conditions.

    The pair of boots also have a relatively long 11” shaft, which ensures your foot is covered up to the calf for maximum protection.

    The circumference of the boot’s opening is waterproof and adjustable for easy wearing and comfortable use while a snow collar keeps ice from penetrating inside.

    You also get a waterproof base that consists of an arctic rubber shell, an EVA midsole, and a polar rubber outsole, while a removable multi-layer inner liner wicks out moisture to keep your feet warm and dry.

    Other features are a waffle-comb footbed that traps warm air under your feet, a comfortable 1.5” heel and bungee cord speed lacing for quick and easy fastening.

    The only problem is that the boot is quite costly.


    • Low-temperature rating
    • Long 11” shaft
    • Waterproof, adjustable boot opening
    • Snow collar
    • Moisture-wicking inner liner


    • Relatively expensive

    2. Polar Men’s Ice Fishing Boots – Best Budget Ice Fishing Boots

    POLAR Mens Snow Hiking Mucker Duck Grafters Waterproof Saftey Thermal Boots - Gray - US8/EU41 - YC0447

  • Material: Nylon, Rubber
  • Temperature Rating: Up to -42°F
  • Weight: 3.65lbs.
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    If you are a bit short on cash, Polar’s ice fishing pair of boots is the best option to buy because it is very affordable. Despite this, it has a long 11” shaft that covers and protects a large part of the foot from the biting cold.

    The entire interior of the boot is lined with premium-grade faux fur, which provides excellent insulation while providing comfort and cushioning if you hit hard surfaces.

    This is enhanced by a rubber sole, which helps in shock absorption. The sole is waterproof and has deep treads that provide anti-skid performance when walking on thick snow, muddy paths or ice.

    Durable fixed steel eyelets are built into the boot to ensure secure boot fastening and you get 4 different color options to choose from. However, the boots lack a snow collar to prevent ice from penetrating through from the top.


    • Affordable
    • Long 11” shaft
    • Premium grade faux fur lining
    • Anti-skid rubber sole
    • Durable fixed steel eyelets


    • No snow collar

    3. Sorel Beartm XT-M – Best High Boots for Ice Fishing

    SOREL - Men's Bear XT Insulated Winter Boot, Black, Red Quarry, 7 M US

  • Material: Polyurethane, Textile, Synthetic
  • Temperature Rating: Up to -60°F
  • Heel Height: 1.25”
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    Sorel’s Beartm XT-M is unique because it is a high boot with a long 13.5” shaft that provides extra coverage and protection up the calf muscles.

    Across its entire height and base, the boot is made using a polyurethane-coated textile, which ensures wind and water resistance performance. This is topped off by a snow collar at the top for keeping the ice out and it has a drawstring with a barrel lock for adjusting its tightness.

    A removable 9mm recycled felt inner boot with an Omni-heat reflective lining insulates your feet, keeping you warm at temperatures of up to -60°F.

    You also get a comfortable ThermoPlus felt footbed, a waterproof handcrafted vulcanized rubber shell, a grippy synthetic outsole and a 1.25” heel.

    However, the boot is only available in a single color, which is black/red quartz.


    • Long 13.5” shaft
    • Water and windproof polyurethane coat
    • Adjustable snow collar
    • Inner boot and Omni-heat reflective lining for insulation
    • Low-temperature rating


    • Available in a single color

    4. Irish Setter Men’s 860 Elk – Best Scent Proof Ice Fishing Boots

    Irish Setter Men's 860 Elk Tracker Waterproof 1000 Gram 12" Big Game Hunting Boot,Brown,10.5 EE US

  • Material: Nylon, Rubber
  • Temperature Rating: Up to -40°F
  • Weight: 3.84 lbs.
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    Irish Setter’s 860 Elk is characterized by ScentBan technology, which is incorporated into various parts of the boot such as the leather, footbed, and lining. This technology kills the bacteria that cause odors, leaving your feet odor-free every time you remove the boots.

    Apart from that, the pair features a Gore-Tex lining that prevents moisture from penetrating through from outside but allows perspiration inside to evaporate to the exterior. This ensures your feet remain warm and dry inside.

    You also get 3M Thinsulate ultra, which is a thin and lightweight insulation layer to keep your feet warm, a tough full-grain leather exterior, a comfortable EVA footbed with memory foam and durable metal eyelets that go up to the top of the boot for tight fastening.

    On the downside, the boots are very costly and they lack snow collars for keeping out the ice.


    • ScentBan technology
    • Moisture-wicking Gore-Tex lining
    • Thin and lightweight 3M Thinsulate insulation layer
    • Durable full-grain leather exterior
    • Comfortable EVA footbed with memory foam


    • Expensive
    • Lacks snow collars

    5. Muck Boot Arctic Sport Mid – Most Comfortable Ice Fishing Boots

    The Original MuckBoots Arctic Sport Mid Outdoor Boot,Black,15 M US Mens/16 M US Womens

  • Material: Neoprene, Rubber
  • Temperature Rating: -40°F to 40°F
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    Muck Boot’s Arctic Sport Mid boots are very comfortable to wear and this can be attributed to two factors. First, the pair have a soft fleece lining, which also insulates against heat loss. This works together with the 2mm thermal foam under the footbed to keep you comfortably warm.

    Second, the boots have a 5mm neoprene exterior that is very flexible. This enables you to walk comfortably because they easily bend to conform to your feet’s movements.

    That said, this exterior comprises of a long 11” shaft that gives wide coverage and has a rubber outsole with rugged molded lugs for anti-skid performance.

    Other features include a contoured molded EVA midsole for better support, a stretch fit top line that acts as a snow collar to give a snug, leak-proof fit to the leg and a completely sealed rubber shell with no laces for complete waterproof performance.

    The only problem is that the stretch-fit top is not adjustable for tight-fitting over different calf sizes.


    • Soft fleece lining
    • Flexible neoprene exterior
    • Anti-skid rubber outsole
    • Waterproof fully-sealed rubber shell
    • Contoured EVA midsole for better support


    • Non-adjustable stretch fit top

    6. Baffin Epic-M004 – Highly Insulated Ice Fishing Boots

    Baffin Men's Ankle Boot, Black, 11

  • Material: Leather, Nylon
  • Temperature Rating: Up to -70°F
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    With an 8-layer Thermaplush inner insulation lining, Baffin’s Epic-M004 is highly insulated and this ensures it can withstand temperatures of up to -70°F.

    Other than that, the boots have a tough and durable full-grain leather and nylon exterior, which also ensures waterproof performance.

    You also get a waterproof seam-sealed upper opening that also helps in preventing ice from penetrating through, an ergonomic anatomical footbed that has a waffle-comb design to trap heat under your foot and multi D-ring lace fastening.

    However, the boots lack a moisture-wicking internal layer to help keep your feet dry inside.


    • 8-layer Thermaplush lining
    • Low-temperature rating
    • Durable full-grain leather and nylon exterior
    • Waterproof seam-sealed upper opening
    • Ergonomic anatomical footbed


    • Lacks a moisture-wicking internal layer

    7. Kamik Greenbay4-M – Ice Fishing Boots with a Wide Opening

    Kamik Men's Greenbay 4 Cold Weather Boot,Black,7 M US

  • Material: Nylon, Rubber
  • Temperature Rating: Up to -40°F
  • Weight: 3.84 lbs.
  • Last update on 2023-05-10 at 08:50 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

    Kamik’s Greenbay4-M is characterized by a wide opening that has a 20” circumference. This makes it easy to wear and you get an adjustable snow collar at the top with a bungee lace lock for tight fastening.

    Weighing in at only 3.84 lbs., this pair of boots is also very lightweight, which makes them comfortable to wear when fishing for long periods. They also give a lot of coverage because they have a long 13” shaft that goes further up the calf muscles.

    A removable 8mm thermal guard liner is placed inside for insulation purposes, and it ensures your feet remain warm at temperatures of up to -40°F. This liner also has moisture-wicking capabilities so it keeps your feet dry at all times.

    On the downside, the boots don’t have laces for tight fastening. Instead, they are fitted with Velcro straps, which are not as effective as laces.


    • Wide opening for easy wearing
    • Lightweight design
    • Long 13” shaft
    • Adjustable snow collar
    • Moisture-wicking inner liner


    • No laces

    8. Columbia Bugaboot Plus III Omni-M – Ice Fishing Boots with Omni-Grip Outsoles

    Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus III Omni-Heat, Charcoal/Bright Red, 7

  • Material: Leather, Nylon, Rubber
  • Temperature Rating: Up to -25°F
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    Columbia’s Bugaboot is fitted with Omni-grip rubber outsoles that are made using specially formulated compounds for maximum stability and non-marking traction.

    Above these outsoles are lightweight midsoles that provide long-lasting comfort, high bounce back and superior cushioning against external shocks.

    The boot has an ankle height with a 7” shaft for maximum cold protection while a waterproof seam-sealed exterior ensures no moisture penetrates inside.

    Other features are a 200g reflective Omni-heat insulation lining and 3 color options, which are charcoal/bright red, mud/squash, and black/charcoal.

    However, with a temperature rating of up to -25°F, this boot is not recommended for extremely harsh weather conditions.


    • High-quality Omni-grip rubber outsoles
    • Comfortable midsoles
    • Waterproof seam-sealed exterior
    • Reflective Omni-heat insulation lining


    • Only insulates at temperatures of up to -25°F

    9. Bogs Men’s Classic Ultra Mid-M – Easy-to-Wear Ice Fishing Boots

    BOGS Mens Ultra Mid Waterproof Boot Black Size 9
    1,249 Reviews
    BOGS Mens Ultra Mid Waterproof Boot Black Size 9

  • Material: Rubber
  • Temperature Rating: Up to -40°F
  • Weight: 4.87 lbs.
  • Last update on 2023-05-20 at 11:23 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

    Apart from having a wide boot opening that measures 16” in circumference, Bogs’ Mid-M feature easy-on pull handles that allow you to hold the boots and pull them up when wearing. This makes the process very easy.

    Other than that, the boot features DuraFresh biotechnology, which eliminates bad odor. You also get a 4-way stretch Neo-Tech bootie ensures waterproof performance for insulation, warmth, and comfort.

    More features include a soft rubber sponge internal midsole for cushioning and warmth, and an anti-slip non-marking outsole. The only problem is that you don’t get a snow collar to seal the opening.


    • Easy-on pull handles
    • Wide 16” opening
    • DuraFresh bio-technology
    • 4-way stretch Neo-Tech bootie
    • Soft rubber sponge internal midsole


    • No snow collar

    10. Sorel ConquestTM-M – Ice Fishing Boots with Built-in Gaiter Booties

    Sorel Men's Conquest Snow Boot,Boulder,7 M US

  • Material: Leather, Textile, Rubber
  • Temperature Rating: Up to -40°F
  • Heel Height: 1.5”
  • Last update on 2023-05-10 at 08:50 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

    Rounding up the list is Sorel’s ConquestTM-M, which is equipped with a gaiter bootie to prevent ice and other particles from getting inside. This bootie has a bungee drawstring and a barrel lock for adjustment purposes, which ensures complete enclosure and is ideal for deep snow.

    The boot’s exterior is made up of pure leather and synthetic textiles, which gives a tough and durable waterproof finish. An Achilles adjustment strap is also included for better support and this is held in place by a shatter-resistant YKK shokonlock buckle closure.

    On the inside is 400g Thinsulate ultra insulation, which gives the shoes a temperature rating of up to -40°F, an EVA midsole and footbed, and an 8.5” shaft height.

    However, the boots lack a moisture-wicking inner lining for getting rid of perspiration.


    • Adjustable gaiter bootie
    • Durable exterior
    • Achilles adjustment strap
    • 400g Thinsulate ultra insulation


    • Lacks a moisture-wicking lining

    How to Buy the Best Ice Fishing Boots

    photo: shutterstock

    1. Materials

    Before buying a pair of ice fishing boots, it is important to check the material used to build them. There are 4 main ones and these are:


    Textiles are cloth fabrics and have the advantage of being very flexible. However, these are normally used with other materials such as synthetics because they are not waterproof.

    For instance, in Sorel’s Beartm XT-M, the boots have a textile shell that is coated with polyurethane for wind and water resistance.


    The main advantage of rubber boots is flexibility. This makes the shoe very comfortable because it bends easily according to your foot’s movement. Rubber is also waterproof but can be quite heavy.


    Leather is tough. A full-grain leather exterior does not wear or tear quickly. However, leather is not very flexible and thus, might feel stiff on your feet, especially when new.


    Synthetics are mostly plastic-based materials such as nylon and polyurethane. They are waterproof, windproof and very lightweight.

    However, they are not very flexible and are normally used with leather or textiles to enhance the shoe’s structural strength and give better weather resistance.

    Buying Guide: As you can see, every material has its benefits and shortcomings. If you like stiff boots, we recommend Irish Setter’s 860 Elk, which has a full-grain leather shell.

    On the other hand, if you prefer a flexible boot, Muck Boot’s Arctic Sport Mid is the best option because it has a neoprene (synthetic rubber) shell.

    2. Temperature Rating

    A boot’s temperature rating describes the temperature range or the lowest temperature that it can withstand while keeping your foot warm inside.

    Generally, the lower the rating, the better because this means the boot will keep you comfortably warm during extremely harsh conditions. That said, with its up to -94°F rating, Baffin’s Snow Monster-M is highly recommended.

    3. Insulation

    One of the factors that greatly enhance a boot’s temperature rating is insulation. Insulation layers help to minimize heat loss, which is the purpose of these boots.

    Using Baffin’s Epic-M004 as an example, the pair is equipped with 8 layers of Thermaplush linings. These greatly help in preventing heat loss and give the boots a temperature rating of up to -70°F. Check them out.

    4. Water Resistance

    Apart from a waterproof material, other factors determine a boot’s water resistance.

    You need to check for features such as a snow collar (sometimes called a gaiter bootie), which enables you to seal the opening by firmly tying it to your leg. This prevents water, snow, ice, and other debris from getting inside.

    A completely sealed rubber shell with no laces is completely waterproof because it eliminates any potential loopholes that might let in the frozen water if you step into a deep puddle. For this, be sure to look at Muck Boot’s Arctic Sport Mid.

    5. Cover

    A boot’s cover is determined by its shaft size, which is the distance of its opening from the heel. Ideally, the longer the shaft, the better because this gives you more coverage and protection from the cold and the elements.

    That said, Sorel’s Beartm XT-M boots have 13.5” shafts, which are very long and offer the best coverage.

    6. Size and Weight

    Most people like to pair ice fishing boots with thick socks. If you prefer this, make sure you look for a size that can accommodate that extra sock layer.

    As for the weight, lightweight boots are recommended because they result in minimal fatigue. The effect is usually felt after wearing them for long periods.


    By aquatarkus/shutterstock

    Bottomline, ice fishing boots are a must-have due to the protection they give from the harsh cold conditions. We recommend Baffin’s Snow Monster-M as the overall best ice fishing boot because it is designed to keep your feet warm at very low temperatures of up to -94°F.

    However, if you prefer high boots, Sorel’s Beartm XT-M is the best option because it has a long 13.5” shaft that covers a large leg surface area. If you are on a tight budget though, be sure to check out Polar’s ice fishing boots, which are very affordable.


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