10 Best Braided Fishing Lines for 2021

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Braided lines are some of the most popular fishing lines, which compete against monofilament and fluorocarbon lines in many fishing applications.

So, why choose a braided line over the other options? A braided line has virtually no stretch, a problem common in fluorocarbon lines, for instance. By eliminating stretch, you can achieve hook sets in almost all water depths.

The absence of stretch also makes braided lines highly sensitive, which is a helpful capability when fishing in deep water. These lines also tend to maintain their rated breaking strength longer than other lines do.

Braided lines also excel when fishing heavy water vegetation such as hydrilla, cattails, lily pads, and hyacinths. These lines will cut through these plants and prevent fishing from tangling you up.

To learn more about the benefits of braided lines and the leading models in the market, dive into our top 10 braided fishing lines review and buying guide.Table of Contents 

Review of the 10 Best Braided Fishing Lines

1. PowerPro Microline – Best Overall Braided Fishing Line

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PowerPro Microline is the best all-round braided fishing line you can buy today. It has a superior length and tensile strength range to support many fishing applications.

You can get the 150-yard to 3000-yard braided line configuration, which is enough length to cater for the most common fishing techniques.

It also comes in 5-pound to 150-pound tensile strength options, which enables you to fish the lightest and heaviest fish species without limitation.

When you get this line, you will notice that it has virtually no stretch, is very smooth, and sensitive. It also offers superior handling performance from the enhanced body technology used to construct it.

The only major downside of the PowerPro Microline is that at higher configurations, it becomes very expensive.


  • Wide length range for many fishing applications
  • Superior tensile strength range for light and heavy fish
  • Smooth, sensitive and no stretch
  • Enhanced handling performance


  • Higher configurations are very expensive

2. KastKing SuperPower – Ultrathin Braided Fishing Line

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KastKing SuperPower is a great ultrathin braided fishing that boasts of very small diameters across all its models and configurations.

The base model has a very small diameter of only 0.07 mm, while higher configurations have a 0.4 mm diameter. Small-diameter braids manage to pack immense power in very thin lines and allow you to spool more line on your reels.

This line has superior knot strength. You can tie solid and even improved clinch knots because of its proprietary treatments, which makes the line supple and capable of zipping through guides.

Because of its low memory, you can achieve farther and more efficient casts without worrying about wind knots. It also boasts of ultra-high sensitivity and zero stretches.

We did not that the KastKing SuperPower braided line has a dark dye that tends to foul up other objects the line touches.


  • An ultrathin line across all models
  • Superior knot strength
  • Low memory for more efficient casts
  • Ultra-high sensitivity and low stretch


  • Line’s die can foul surfaces and objects

3. Piscifun Braided – Good Abrasion-resistant Braided Fishing Family

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Piscifun Braided fishing line series is famed for its superior abrasion-resistance and durability.

The line is made of a new epoxy coating technology that prevents the braided construction from being damaged by abrasive forces such as rocks, vegetation, mud, and boat surfaces.

It also boasts of superior knot strength from its 4-strand or 8-strand configurations, the latter of which is packs even more strength.

To cut through the water faster, the line has consistent roundness and unparalleled smoothness. It is also free of backlashes for faster target reach.

Just like many other models on our list, this line has minimal stretch and very high sensitivity, while maintaining memory at the lowest.

A notable drawback of this line is its dyes tend to come off on the fingers and hands, which is messy and difficult to clean.


  • Enhanced abrasion-resistance and durability
  • Superior knot strength
  • Consistent roundness and unparalleled smoothness
  • Minimal stretch and high sensitivity


  • The dye comes off and can mess fingers and hands

4. Reaction Tackle – High-performance Braided Fishing Line

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The Reaction Tackle series is one of the best high-performance braided fishing lines you can find today. It has a high maximum length and maximum tensile strength, which succeed in tough fishing conditions.

This fishing line has a wide range of available length, with the minimum being 150 yards, while the maximum going as high as 1,500 for distant casting, and to support multiple techniques.

It has a maximum tensile strength of 300 pounds, which makes the line extremely strong and difficult to break even when supporting heavy fish loads or being constantly subjected to high tension.

The line utilizes 100% UHMWPE fiber, which is high quality and strong. You also get a near-zero stretch with this line.

You can get the line in 4-strand or 5-strand configurations, the latter of which has a larger diameter, but more tensile strength.

Just like some other models on our list, the Reaction Tackle braided line series is also prone to color bleed.


  • Wide range of line length available
  • Maximum breaking strength of 300 pounds for heavy loads
  • High quality and strong fiber with minimal stretch
  • Multiple braid configurations


  • The line is prone to color bleed

5. KastKing KastPro – Best Braided Fishing Line for Professionals

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KastKing KastPro series is the best braided fishing line for professionals, including elite bass anglers, fishing guides, and even charter boat captains. It is especially loved for its well-balanced and superior features.

The line boasts of an aggressive diamond weave which is strong and abrasion-resistant. It will thrive in conditions such as heavy cover, rocks, and underwater debris.

It has a special bio-solvent coating, which makes it color-fast while boosting its resistance to abrasion.

You can achieve great castability with this line because its braids have a smooth, round finish for long and easy casts in both freshwater and saltwater.

Because of its low stretch properties, the line achieves faster hook sets and very high sensitivity.

We did note that sometimes when spooling a reel, the line may get twisted from as it leaves its original spool, hence the need to extra caution during this exercise.


  • Aggressive weave for strength and abrasion-resistance
  • Bio-solvent coating for strength and color retention
  • Smooth and round finish for greater castability
  • Low stretch for high sensitivity and faster hook sets


  • Prone to twisting from the original spool

6. Sufix 832 Advanced – Best 8-fiber Braided Fishing Line

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Sufix 832 Advanced is the best 8-fiber braided fishing line on our list. While many braided lines on our list have 4 strands of fiber, this one has 8, which makes it very strong.

This line also has a very small diameter for superior strength, consistent roundness, and smoothness.

Since the line has 8 fibers (7 HMPE Dyneema and 1 GORE Performance Fiber), it has improved abrasion resistance, superior casting distance, vibration reduction, and accuracy.

The line also has hydrophobic water-repellent protection. Also, it utilizes TGP technology to enhance color retention and minimize dye loss.

A drawback we identified with this line is that it is offered in a single length of 150 yards, which many anglers may find very limited.


  • 8-fiber braid for unbeatable strength
  • Small diameter for consistent roundness and smoothness
  • Abrasion-resistant with superior casting distance
  • Hydrophobic water-resistant construction


  • Only available in 150-yard length

7. Sougayilang Multifilament – Best Budget Braided Fishing Line

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Sougayilang Multifilament series is the best budget braided fishing line on our list. It maintains the same low price across all configurations, making it the most affordable line.

The line comes with a wide tensile strength range of 12 pounds to 72 pounds, making it ideal for many water conditions and fishing applications.

It has a very thin diameter, which supports accurate casting while maintaining its superior strength.

This line features an exclusive and durable color process. It is also non-absorbing, hence resistant to water. Other features you’ll love in this line include abrasion-resistance, high sensitivity, and near-zero stretch.

We did note, however, that the Sougayilang Multifilament line is prone to snapping even low-weight loads.


  • Reasonably priced and affordable across all configurations
  • Ideal for many water conditions and fishing applications
  • Durable color process and water-resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant with high sensitivity


  • Prone to snapping even at minimal loads

8. Spiderwire SCUC6IB-125 – Low Visibility Braided Fishing Line

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Spiderwire SCUC6IB-125 is a unique braided fishing line for its near invisibility.

The line achieves this capability through its translucent color. Due to low visibility, the line reduces the chances of detection by fish.

Just like the Sufix 832 Advanced, this line features 8 braided of fibers thus making it super strong, durable, and abrasion-resistant.

Because of the line’s thin diameter, it is very sensitive and highly efficient in detecting fish bites.

This braided line is also one of the most reasonably-priced braided lines on our list. It is accessible to many anglers across all experience levels.

A key drawback we noted with this line is that during casting, it is prone to snapping. You can try different casting techniques to determine which one minimizes the chances of the line snapping.


  • Translucent color for near invisibility
  • 8-carrier braid for superior strength
  • Thin diameter for high sensitivity and superior fish detection
  • Reasonably priced


  • Prone to snapping during casting and durability

9. Fishingsir Godline – Best Braided Fishing Line for Solid Knots

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The Fishingsir Godline series of braided fishing lines is famed for its superior knot strength. The lines also make knots easy to tie.

You can use this line to tie many kinds of knots including the Palomar knot, Berkley braid knot, Trilene knot, and Albright knot, among others.

It comes with improved PE fibers, braiding technology, and a Teflon coating, which makes the line tight, water-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. These features also make the line very durable.

This line also boasts of superior sensitivity and low memory especially because of its extremely low stretch, which also minimizes the risk of fish coming off, wind knots, and backlashes.

Also, you can get this line in 4-strand or 8-strand configuration, the latter of which is more powerful because of its higher tensile strength.

An issue we noted with the Fishingsir Godline braided fishing line is that sometimes it can get tangled too easily.


  • Superior knot strength and a wide variety of knots
  • Improved fibers for water and abrasion resistance
  • High sensitivity and low memory
  • Available in 4-strand and 8-strand configurations


  • Can get tangle easily

10. RUNCL Braided Line – Best Multicolored Braided Fishing Line

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RUNCL Braided Line is the best-multicolored fishing line on our list. Multicolored braided lines are especially great for techniques such as trolling and precision vertical jigging, among others.

This line is made using premium raw materials that enhance its durability and increase its knot strength. It is also an 8-strand line, which is more wear-resistant compared to 4-strand versions.

Another superior feature of this line is its compact weaving, which has zero stretch and high sensitivity for feeling even the slightest fish bites.

You also get exceptional smoothness and no burr from this line. It has a smooth burr-free plait, which enables you to pass the line through your rod guide more conveniently.

To enable winding of more line on your spool, this line maintains a very low diameter.

We did note, however, that the RUNCL Braided Line is prone to frequent tangling, especially when casting.


  • A multicolored line for many fishing applications
  • Compact weaving with zero stretch
  • Exceptional smoothness for greater castability
  • Low diameter for more line spooling


  • Prone to tangling when casting

How to Buy the Best Braided Fishing Line

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1. Abrasion-resistance

Braided fishing lines are popular for their superior abrasion resistance compared to other types of lines.

However, there is no harm in shopping for a line whose abrasion resistance has been enhanced for more durability. 8-strand lines, for instance, have demonstrated superior abrasion-resistance, compared to 4-strand ones.

Also, some braided lines have special coatings, which make them tougher than non-coated ones. Hence, you can always check to see if your line has special features that increase its resistance to abrasion.

2. Stretch

Zero no near-zero stretch are the other reason why braided fishing lines are popular among anglers.

Lines without stretch are more sensitive, especially to movement or vibration. Thus, you can depend on such a line to detect even the slightest fish movement when it first bites the lure.

Sensitive braided lines will help you determine when to reel in your catch so that it does not fight off or cause unnecessary tension on your line.

3. Diameter

Your braided line’s diameter affects its performance in different ways. One of the areas where diameter matters the most is in spooling capacity.

The smaller the diameter of your line, the more line you can spool on the reel. This capability is especially handy when you desire more line on your reel for distant casting.

Diameter also affects the strength of your line. Lager diameter lines tend to be stronger than smaller diameter ones especially because the former is likely to have more braids.

4. Castability

Your braided line should support better castability than rival lines.  One way it achieves this capability is by maintaining consistent roundness.

Consistent roundness is tied to line smoothness. The smoother your braided line is, the more efficiently it passes through the rod guides, hence achieving an improved casting experience.

You can always feel your line to determine its smoothness, and whether it is consistently round.

5. Durability

Durability should be a top priority when choosing your braided fishing line. Your line will be subjected to all sorts of fishing conditions, some of which will be hard on it.

Braided lines with high abrasion resistance, for instance, tend to be very durable. Another feature that enhances durability is the material used to make the line.

Materials such as Spectra, Dacron, and micro-Dyneema are used to make fibers that can create strong, durable lines.

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We’ve established that braided fishing lines are especially popular for their abrasion resistance, low stretch, and superior strength.

When shopping for a braided line, remember to check for some key features including its castability, stretch, diameter, and overall durability, which is partly enhanced by abrasion-resistance.

Don’t forget to confirm the length of the line you’re buying is enough to meet your fishing demands.

Remember to consult our top 10 braided fishing lines review and buying guide to help you choose the model that suits you best.


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