8 Reasons To Start Fishing And Change Your Life

Why go fishing? Depends on who you ask. The sport means different things to so many different people that it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly why it’s one of the most popular pastimes in North America. Maybe that’s the answer, there are just so many reasons why anyone should go out and fish that there’s sure to be at least one that comes across as appealing.

Below are some of the most common reasons why you should join the hundreds of millions of people who already enjoy the sport of fishing.

Help Save The World

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Alright so it sounds a little melodramatic, but anglers can play such a major role in the health of not only fisheries, but water habitats as well. Anglers are, in many respects, some of the foremost wildlife conservationists out there. For example, many government departments rely on voluntary information given to them by anglers in the area. Ever seen a fish with one of its fins missing?

Anglers are, in many respects, some of the foremost wildlife conservationists out there

Be sure to report it to your local fish and wildlife department because they just may be clipped fish raised and stocked from a hatchery. But there’s more to being a responsible angler than being a source of information. Anglers who show respect for the environment – like minimizing waste, educating the youth on cherishing nature, volunteering for local fish organizations, catch-and-release – all help to keep the tradition of fishing thriving. Fishing gives us so much, it’s only fair to get educated and give back as much as possible.

Great Social Activity

Gather up your fishing buddies or your family and hit the water for some good times. Fishing is fun and can be even more fun with family and friends. Whether you’re just passing time casting from shore at the family cottage or taking out the boat for a full day of fishing, it’s always nice having a little company out there to share the memories. And hey, if you’re gonna catch the big one, it helps to have some witnesses to back up your story, or else be met with skepticism for your “tall tale.”


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Sure fishing can be fun, healthy, and even a perfect opportunity for some soul searching, but for a lot of anglers, fishing is a sport that is best experienced with fellow competitors. Trying to catch the biggest fish in a derby makes every cast that much more intense, while trying to catch a bag limit will not only test your fishing mettle, but challenge your confidence in your abilities to power through a long fishing tournament. It’s an incredible sport. And admit it, wouldn’t it be just so satisfying to catch the biggest fish of the day among your group of friends?

Some “Me” Time

On the flip side, fishing can be a means to relieve stress and refresh oneself away from the rigors of the world, the very definition of getting away from it all. Few things in life are as peaceful as a quiet day on the lake, with Mother Nature as the only thing keeping you company.

Thrill Of The Hunt

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There’s a misconception that fishing is all about luck. Tell that to Kevin Van Dam, winner of four Bass-master Classics and seven-time Angler of the Year. You don’t win that many titles on luck. Finding the right lure for the right time of day for the right location takes skill, practice, and determination. There’s no better feeling than reeling in that lurker bass after taking the time to try and figure out the right pattern.

Health Benefits

Fishing appears to be a lazy man’s sport, where all the angler does is sit around wait for fish to come to them, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. A solid day of fishing on the water can yield hundreds of cast – a decent workout on the arms and legs. Just imagine fishing a shark from your boat using only your hands and feet. Even when you take casting out of the equation, you still burn off more calories being out in the great outdoors than you would sitting inside watching TV.

Fish For Food

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Catch-and-release is highly recommended, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t OK to take home some of what you catch every once in a while. Especially if it’s a tasty fish heavy in numbers for that area. The difference in taste between supermarket and fresh-caught fish is night and day. Moreover, fish is a healthy meat option that is high in protein but low in fat.

It’s Just Plain Fun

As the saying goes, “a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.’ The feel of a fighting fish, getting outdoors, the challenge of finding fish…add it all up and you’ll find fishing to be one of the most enjoyable experiences out there. So put up that “gone fishin’” sign and give it a try!


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Jack Bollinger
Born in Massachusetts, Jack is an avid fisherman most of his life. He is currently a fishing guide in the bay of California. He has been fishing for more than 40 years and fly-fishing for more than 30. His favorite fish to catch is the rainbow trout and small-mouth bass. He has earned many top places in different lake fishing competitions.



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